Scientific journal

ISSN 1814-2400


Arkhipova N. N., Bashkatov V. A., Es’kov V.M.,, Zavalovskaya L. I., Konrat O. N., Ushakov V. F., Shevchenko O. V.

System analysis of the functional state of people with risk factors of bronchial asthma and arterial hypertension forming in the north

The results of parameters measuring in 3-, 15-, 17-dimensional space of movement attractors in people of “control group” and “predisease” group on bronchial asthma and arterial hypertension showed that the whole volume and general parameter of asymmetry in “predisease”group were significantly higher than in the control group.

Keywords: norm, predisease, preasthma, parameters of 3-, 15-, 17-dimensional attractor