Scientific journal

ISSN 1814-2400


Zuyevskaya T.V., Il’ina E.A., Konrat O. N., Scrobova E.N., Slavnov V.A., Ushakov V. F.

The system analysis of pulmogenetic arterial hypertension bronchial asthma peculiarity in the north

In the context of system analysis pulmogenous arterial hypertension bronchial asthma peculiarities in 14 patients were studied. There was established the increase of whole volume, person body state vector attractors general asymmetry as a result of arterial pressure rise, systolic pressure of pulmonary artery for dysfunction of systolic, diastolic characteristics of left and right ventricles functions of renal blood flow against the chaotic regime of the North ecological factors.

Keywords: bronchial asthma, arterial hypertension, three dimensional attractor