Scientific journal

ISSN 1814-2400


Zavalovskaya L. I., Zuyevskaya T.V., Il’ina E.A., Konrat O. N., Scrobova E.N., Slavnov V.A., Trapeznikova B., Ushakov V. F.

The system analysis of extra cardial blood curculation disturbances in patients with bronchial asthma

The characteristics of renal blood flow in dynamics were studied in 132 patients with bronchial asthma of light (n=19), intermediate (n=64), severe (n=37) clinical course and 12 patients with bronchial asthma with arterial hypertension. The research was done in the context of system analysis and the characteristics reflect blood circulation disturbances extra cardial signs according to the increase of the whole volume, general asymmetry parameter of sixdimensional person body state vector attractors.

Keywords: bronchial asthma, extra cardial disturbances, six-dimensional attractor parameter