Scientific journal

ISSN 1814-2400


Publisher House

Editing and Publishing Department of Amur State University

The main objective of EPD is organization and implementation of AmSU publishing activity, publication of scientific journals ("Bulletin of AmSU", "Study of Religion", "Information Science and Control Systems") scientific literature (monographs, articles collections) and teaching materials to ensure the educational process.

EPD provides the following functions:

  • forming publishing plans of AmSU (jointly with AmSU Editorial Committee (AEC));
  • planned manuscripts publication, implementation of individual stages of the publishing cycle: editing manuscripts, preparation of publications decoration, technical editing (layout manuscripts for typesetting), computer editing and layout of scientific and educational literature, correction, original layouts production for delivery in printing;
  • control (jointly with AEC) over the quality of publications, their polygraphic, publishing and printing compliance with state standards;
  • advisory work with the faculties and departments on the preparation and release of publications;
  • authors advising on preparing for publication scientific and educational literature originals;
  • preparation of scientific, educational and methodical literature in electronic form for submission to the AmSU Digital Library;
  • representation original layouts of training and educational materials for sending them to the ministries and agencies, educational and methodical associations, scientific and methodological advices with a view to resolving their publishing marked "textbook" or "tutorial".

Members of EPD:

Mamontova Olga Konstantinovna – Editor in Chief;

Romanenko Anna Fyodorovna – Editor;

Gofman Yuli Markovich– Art Editor;

Peyzel Leonid Markovich – Engineer;

Khramova Oksana Vital’evna – Engineer.


office 405 (main building), phone: 8 (4162) 39-45-70, 8 (4162) 39-45-71, e-mail: